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Scoutmaster: Harvey Schachter

What's New?

  • 6/22/03 Troop 613 celebrates its third Eagle Scout Court of Honor. Scout J. Blass ws awarded his Eagle medal in fine form, and it was a wonderful occasion.
  • 4/03 Troop 613 mourns the loss of long time Assistant Scoutmaster, Merit Badge Counsellor and friend Jerry Straus. He was a brotherhood member of the Order of the Arrow, and had come to camp for many years, even in declining health. His dedication and committment to Troop 613 and to Jewish Scouting will be sorely missed.
  • 11/24/02 Troop 613 has Court of Honor, awards new ranks and advancement honors to its boys
  • 11/20/02 Troop Committee Chair Iris Schachter awarded with the Interfaith Award from the Queens Ecumenical Council
  • ASM Uri Cohen and Joe Varon staff and TCC Iris Schachter takes Woodbadge Training through NE-II-126
  • 11/01 Scoutmaster Harvey Schachter awarded with the Interfaith Award from the Queens Ecumenical Council
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    The Eagle Register

    Jonathan Schachter, September 7, 1997
    Uri Cohen, January 4, 1998
    Jeremy Blass, June 22, 2003

    The Jamboree Report


    Four members of our troop --one adult and three scouts-- were present at the 2001 National Jamboree, also in Fort A.P. Hill in Virginia. Uri Cohen was an Assistant Scoutmaster for troop 512 out of Old Colony Council. J. Blass, J. Skolnick, along with E. Prouser represented our unit in the Shomer Shabbat Contingent. Many merit badges were earned, many activities were done, and many patches were traded. It was a wonderful and memorable experience for all!


    Seven members of our troop --two adults and five scouts-- were present at the 1997 National Jamboree in Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia. Harvey and Jonathan Schachter were Assistant Scoutmasters for Troop 406 out of Old Colony Council, MA. U. Cohen was the Senior Patrol Leader of that troop, and J. Blass and J. Skolnick were scouts in that troop. E. Englander and D. Bernstein, two other Troop 613 scouts were members of Troop 446 out of Quinnipiac Council, CT. A. Houben from Troop 54 in Old Colony Council in MA was the Senior Patrol Leader of that troop.

    These two troops, 406 under the Scoutmastership of Howard Spielman (SM, Troop 54, Sharon MA), and 446 under Sheldon Friedenreich (SM, Troop 55, Highland Park, NJ), formed the only two Jewish Sabbath Observant troops at the 1997 Jamboree. The units were housed in Subcamp 4 (DON'T SINK THE SHIP!) and were camped next to each other, separated by a 40x40 tent, used as a Synagogue. Kosher food was eaten by both troops, Jewish Religious services were held, and the Jewish Sabbath was observed to the fullest by Scouts and Scouters alike. On the Monday of the Jamboree a Bar Mitzvah ceremony was held. It was quite an experience!


    One member of our troop, U. Cohen, attended the 1993 Jamboree. It was our troop's first foray in to the National Jamboree scene, an involvment which was only to grow from there.

    The Camping Department

    Members of Troop 613 have been camping at Camp Kunatah for 14 years now. Kunatah is one of the five camps in the Ten Mile River reservation in upstate, New York. Our unit played a critical role in camp operations, including a major part in the running of an Order of the Arrow Ordeal and Brotherhood Ceremony.

    Order of the Arrow

    Eight members of our Troop are members of the Order of the Arrow. Our unit has been instrumental in the organization and running of a Sabbath Observant OA Ordeal at Camp Kunatah. It is run during the week so that Sabbath Observant boys can participate. This ordeal has occurred annually since 1993. Our first youth members were inducted to the OA in 1994, and we took on major roles in the Kunatah Ordeal in 1995.

    Vigil Honor Members
    Uri Cohen, 2000
    Kevin Gross, 2000
    Brotherhood Members
    J. Blass, 2001
    Harvey Schachter, 1996
    Jonathan Schachter, 1996
    Jerry Strauss, 19??
    Ordeal Members
    Robert Hladky, 1994


    As of now, SEVEN members of our troop have been trained through the Junior Leadership Training Program. Three were trained under the supervision of Dr. Robert Downey in the Old Colony Council. One has been trained through Boston Minuteman Council. Both of these courses had provisions for Kosher food, due largely to the efforts of Dr. Howard Spielman (SM, T54). One of our ASM's served on the staff of the Old Colony Council for three years, as a troop guide and assistant senior patrol leader.
    Four of our leaders have been Woodbadge trained at NE II 91 at Camp Siwanoy in Wingdale, New York. The course was hosted by Westchester Putnam Council and was headed by Jerry Geiger, Scoutmaster. Harvey Schachter is a Bobwhite, Jonathan Schachter is a Fox, Uri Cohen is a Beaver, and Kevin Gross is a Bear. All four leaders have completed their tickets, and have been awarded their beads and woggles.

    NE II 91 was the third Religious Observant Woodbadge course offered through the Northeast Region. Jerry Geiger (Cradle of Liberty Council) was the Scoutmaster, and Charles Reiner (Westchester Putnam Council) and Jim Healy (Rip Van Winkle Council member at large) were Assistant Scoutmasters. The course ran from 8/19-8/27 and was a great success. All religions represented were allotted time for all required services. Saturday was worked into the schedule so as to comply with the laws of the Jewish Sabbath, and Kosher food was provided and cooked throughout the entire course. Catholic masses and Jewish evening, morning and afternoon services were held daily, and three masses (Catholic, Methodist, and Eastern Orthodox) were held on Sunday morning. All participants were inspired to "work their tickets if they can!"

    NE-II-126 was the fourth Religious Observant Woodbadge course offered through the Northeast Region. It ran at Camp Kunatah at Ten Mile River Scout Reservation during July of 2002. Tom Bain was the Scoutmaster, and Pat Bain and Deborah Caviness were ASMs, with Jay Schnapp as SPL. Troop 613 was quite active in the course, ASM Uri Cohen was the Troop Guide for the Fox patrol, ASM Joe Varon was Quartermaster, and Troop Committee Chair Iris Schachter took the course, and now is working her ticket like the good Bobwhite she is.

    Jewish Scouting

    We are an observant Jewish troop. We have been participating in Scouting activities which combine the values of Scouting and Judaism for many years now. Camp Kunatah has a Kosher kitchen. Over the course of each year there are camping weekends held in various parts of the country that allow scouting values to be taught and reinforced within the framework of Judaism, in particular with regard to observance of the Sabbath. In 1993 one Jewish Sabbath-observant troop went to the Jamboree (1205) under Dr. Howard Spielman and Old Colony Council, Ma. One Troop 613 scout was present there. In 1997 two troops went (406 and 446), one from Old Colony Council, Ma and one out of Quinnipiac Council, Ct. In 2001 three troops went (510, 511, and 512) all out of Old Colony Council, Ma.
    For information on Jewish Scouting, visit the National Jewish Committee on Scouting Homepage, or contact one of our Troop Staff.

    Here is a list of Jewish Sabbath-observant troops on the east coast that we know of. If you know of any that we don't, email the Webmaster.
    Troop # Scoutmaster Location
    613 Harvey Schachter Greater New York Councils-Queens - Queens, New York
    611 Michael Poretsky Greater New York Councils-Brooklyn -Brooklyn, New York
    54 Dr. Howard Spielman Boston Minuteman Council - Stoughton, Massachussetts
    55 Sheldon Friedenreich Central New Jersey Council - Highland Park, New Jersey
    54 Steve Woogmaster Old Colony Council - Sharon, Massachussetts
    252 Marc Fertik East Brunswick, New Jersey
    226 Daniel Chazin Northern New Jersey Council - Teaneck, New Jersey
    613 Jodi Sohl National Capital Area Council - Silver Spring, Maryland
    18 Jay Lenrow - Council President Baltimore Area Council - Baltimore, Maryland
    1948 Aaron Kuperman National Capital Area Council
    13 Rachmiel Tobesman Baltimore Area Council - Baltimore, Maryland
    Also, National Capital Area Council troops 1800 and 1948 (2)

    We are affiliated with the Queens branch of Greater New York Councils, Founders District. Our Order of the Arrow Lodge is Suanhacky #49, Mattinecock Chapter.
    For further information on our troop, contact any of the following people:

  • Harvey Schachter, SM
  • Jonathan Schachter, ASM
  • Uri Cohen, ASM
  • Kevin Gross, ASM

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